Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How I Am Going To Win- a post of hope and happiness

   While you all wait on the edges of your seats of varying degrees of function, style and comfort for my next real blog post.. which is going to be just astounding I promise..I totally have it all planned out. In fact, I'm like halfway through writing it.. it's practically done I'm just editing out the bits that weren't quite awesome enough to make the final cut.. I thought I would pause to thank you.
    I just want you all to know that I am so excited about the sheer amount of page views I've had in the last two months! As many of you know one of my goals has been to take over Facebook. I have decided to broaden that goal and attempt to take over the rest of the internet as well, thus making me a winner, which I would enjoy.  
    So thank you to everyone who is helping make this conquest a very,very slow reality...every once in awhile I log on and I have one more official follower and it makes me feel like this:

Gravity can kiss my butt- I'm gonna be mildly famous someday.

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