Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well This is Awkward...

I just read the last post I wrote on here and realized several things.

1. It's been almost a year since I've updated this blog. More on that later*.

2. I promised to update as soon as I got back from Africa and that I would not let you down again.

3. Based on that promise, one can only assume that I died in Africa, because I always keep my promises.

4. I'm a filthy rotten liar.

I offer this embarrassed pony as an apology. You've seen him before.
I don't have time to draw you new ponies every time I lie to you.
 That would be a lot of ponies.


I could go into great detail on exactly what I've been up to in the last year and why I haven't been blogging.


 I could just proceed as if nothing out of the ordinary happened, and what do you mean "where have I been?" I've been here all along, blogging and shit.

            *For those who are super curious here's a 10 second rundown of the last year and where I stand in life as of right now.

Went to Africa- felt awesome and blessed and adventurous. Returned to Colorado- slipped into hardcore depression- sucked at life for a while.

Quit retail job, got slightly better job with a desk and a phone and health insurance, and a spiffy new apartment and boyfriend. Felt awesome- Stopped sucking at life for like two seconds.

Relationship crumbled in the midst of the annual breakdown mentioned here and here. Sucked at life more than usual, resulting in more depression and a series of self destructive incidents eventually culminating in time off work and prescription medication**.

In a last ditch effort to stop sucking at life, made last minute decision to transfer from community college to CSU, where I aim to learn things and have a purpose and make new friends and whatnot and stop sucking at life permanently.

(That was more than 10 seconds probably. Unless you read really really fast.)

        **I was going to keep this a secret from the world, because it's a sensitive subject. But I know it's going to come up sooner or later anyway since I have a tendency to over-share. So we might as well get that out in the open.

So I'm back to being my mostly normal amount of crazy, and my new job as a corporate office drone has turned out to be as chock full of comedic material as my retail job was.

"Are you sure Baylee? Because most of the funny stuff on this blog was because of your job, not because you're naturally humorous."

I'm sure. I do customer service over the phone now. So it's basically the same only I get to roll my eyes a lot.

So I hope you'll all keep following as I reconstruct this blog and move on to a real college and continue to share anecdotes about my conversations with church secretaries in Missouri and how too many people in 2013 still don't understand how email works. It's going to be hilarious you guys.

Because at the very least you'll want to tune in for the occasional breakdowns and ultimately feel better about your own lives and how much you don't suck at things most of the time.


  1. Yeah!! Finally you are back. ... you might want to change the word retail to Corp. desk job other than that all seems to be much the same... which to me is perfect

  2. Thanks!I'm still working on updating everything but I'm excited to start blogging again.

  3. Glad you're back. I believe your natural talents shine through in your Facebook postings, although a longer blog is always welcome. Your life perspective is matchless. Your unique attitude, tendency towards exhilaration/depression, and ability to see into people will make future blog postings as good as they always have been.