Monday, September 5, 2011

Scenes from Retail.-Holiday Special

Happy Labor Day everyone! While you were all busy drinking, snacking, and generally relaxing, I was at work (as usual) having this conversation. More than once.

Me: Your total is $57.26 today.

Customer: Those rugs are on sale.

Me: Actually they are still full price.

Customer: The sign said they were half-off!

Me: Actually it's just the blue that's half-off. The other colors, including these beige ones, are not.

Customer: Well the sign should say that!

Me: Notice here at the top of the sign where it says "Blue only"....

Customer: Well no one would notice that!

Me: Yes, that's why we typed it in bold.......and then underlined it.......and then highlighted it......and then printed two more......

Customer: Look I'm just saying, it's confusing is all....

Me: I am very sorry about that, would you still like the rugs?

Customer: Not for full price!

Me: So, no on the rugs then?

Customer: Well I don't want to pay that much for them, they are too expensive!

Me: So... I'll just put these away for you.....?

Customer: That sign was very confusing.

Me: And I do apologize for that. Will you be purchasing these rugs today?

Customer: The sign......

Me: Is highlighted.....and underlined.... and only in front of the blue rugs.

Customer: But I was confused by it.

Me: That is unfortunate... would you like to pick out some different rugs?

Customer: I like those rugs.

Me: They are very nice rugs.

Customer: The sign...


  1. Time and a half...time and a half.

  2. Actually I don't get holiday pay because I'm technically part time. it's a loophole in the system they just LOOOOOVE to take advantage of...