Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stalling Techniques- the Australian edition.

This is Algie (Aal-jee) 
     Truthfully his name is Algernon but I've noticed Australians tend to take whatever word assigned to a certain person, place, or thing, throw the last few syllables away and add an "ie" (or sometimes a legit "y"). I can't decide if this is laziness or if a country founded by hardened criminals actually intend to "cute-up" all their words.
    Anyhow, I can imagine at this point some serious questions are starting to pop into your head. "What is he looking at?" "Is he a wild kangaroo?" "Is he scanning the horizon for a dangerous predator?" "What sort of dangerous predator hunts kangaroo other than man himself?" "Seriously what is the Australian equivalent of a lion?" "Isn't it ironic that in a country known for it's giant deadly spiders and Jurassic era snakes, the largest predator is a dingo?"
  "Is he even in Australia?" "Is he trapped in an American zoo, staring wistfully through his bars towards a southern ocean, longing for the outback his ancestors called home?" "Is this zoo in Florida or Hawaii?" "Physiologically speaking, how can those tiny stick-legs support such outrageously proportioned hips?"
   And finally, the most obvious question: "How did a little sketch that was intended to be comical turn out so melancholy?"
       - Here's a tip for any mildly enthusiastic but tragically lazy artists out there: If you start drawing an animal you have never sketched before, and you get almost all the way done but can't get his nose right because dang-it kangaroos have weird noses and it's not as if this is an animal you are exposed to on a regular basis like the cow... just make him facing away. Not only is it suddenly a good kangaroo, but you have also raised some deep questions about the inner psyche of our zoo animals.


  1. Did this kangaroo happened to be named after a certain Oscar Wilde play took place?

    PS-I think we should put him up with our wistful travelers in the entry-way.

  2. I forgot until just now about Algernon in Earnest haha.. so, not technically named after him but maybe subconsciously..