Saturday, August 27, 2011

College is fun! (She said only half sarcastically and not without a significant amount or irony considering her current track record with the world of Academia)

   Classes have started back up again and everyone knows what that means- I get to spend every other day on campus, immersed with other inquisitive minds as we all support each other in our mission of the glorious pursuit of knowledge to better ourselves and others in an all encompassing effort to eventually change our world!
      Just kidding. It means I get to spend every other day shoved into poorly ventilated classrooms trying to stay awake while half the class frantically scratches notes and the other half plays Angry Birds.

   The good news is it's only been two days and I already have enough blog material to last a few months. Since I still have to work enough hours to pay my bills and still have enough free time to sleep, eat, and occasionally do homework, I'm only a part time student this semester.*  But I'm taking a math class that after two hours is already a comedy goldmine.

            *And probably every semester until the end of time since I just don't see my financial situation/academic motivation changing in the near future.
      I'm also taking yet another Art History class....... I have nothing funny to say about Art History because it's awesome. Seriously, I think I have a Cathedral Fetish. Is that a thing? All I know is every time I look at Gothic Architecture my heart rate skyrockets and I get all sweaty in the palms.

Check out them flying buttresses... 
Hey Beautiful, what I wouldn't give to see your blueprints..
Is that a fleche on your trancept or are you just happy to see me?
I can do this all day folks...

   anyway, even though I have to beg, plead and bargain just to keep my 20 hours a week at work, I still have to work 5 days a week. I may suck at math, but I know for a fact that it's possible to work 20 hours in four days but whatever I'm not telling anyone how to do their job.....
     The point is, as of last week my schedule looks like this:
          Monday: work
          Tuesday: classes
          Wednesday: work
          Thursday: classes
          Friday: work
          Saturday: work
          Sunday: work
          Monday: work.........and so on until the world ends or Christmas break occurs*. Don't worry, I'll still blog, God knows I've got enough material just from the obnoxious girl sitting in the front left corner of Math 120. Just be understanding of the fact that, while I'm generally good at handling stress, I tend to have at least one nervous breakdown per semester.
   They usually occur about two thirds of the way through and last about a week in which I will not leave my house, call my mother in tears at least once a day, develop cancer and/or a gluten allergy and convince myself that God is telling me that I was meant to sit on the couch and watch SVU reruns while eating peanut butter straight from the jar until the day I die.

         *I really like Christmas so I'm rooting for it, but some people seem pretty convinced Earth isn't going to make it to Halloween. This sucks because I was promised a trip to a haunted corn maze this year.

    So there may be a short period of time in late October/ early November where I will either go off grid completely or this blog will suddenly become a discussion forum for Law and Order episodes originally aired in 2003. Just thought I would warn you so it doesn't take you by surprise.

    But until that time, look forward to a smattering of anecdotes on college life mixed in with the usual ramblings.


  1. I have a Cathedral fetish too!! But I prefer Byzantine or Romanesque architecture to Gothic. I also really, really like triptychs.
    I probably would have studied art history had there not been a requirement at CSU to take drawing classes as part of the major. I have never understood that. It's not like art history is a more useful degree than fine arts. I mean, isn't art history kind of for people who love art but can't draw? Seriously.

  2. Byzantine is also awesome.. not a huge fan of Romanesque- too square and straightforward. I also have a serious love for Spanish-Islamic architecture. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time ogling Alhambra's interiors..