Thursday, April 25, 2013

Corporate Sagas - Poems of Quiet Desperation

From: Baylee Steele
To: Lindsey Gustad
Subject: Too Much Crack-Gym?

Customer Service- a poem by Baylee Steele

Today a lady asked
If I thought she was an idiot.
I paused too long before
I replied.

I wasn’t trying to be rude.
It was just the shock of it.
And the lack of coffee in the corporate breakroom.
Devoid of anything joyous or motivating.

I wonder
Would we be better off
With a different kind of coke
In our machine?

The End.

BAM. Wrote a poem in 30 seconds. I’m a genius.

Want to go to the gym later?

*Tune in next week for: "Why Baylee Changed Her Major" or "When to Expect the Next Full-Fledged Meltdown." (Hint: It's soon)

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