Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let's Just Continue as if Nothing Ever Happened...

  Hey Everyone! So the other day I was at Vitamin Cottage and this lady in sweatpants totally...

  Okay not good enough?
   What? You want some sort of explanation as to my absence and perhaps an excuse concerning the desolate wasteland that this blog became last month, littered with nothing but the skeletal remains of retail related rants and a half-assed cartoon?
    Well the truth is I don't have one. Also a self help blog once told me that the number one thing you should never do on a blog is apologize for not blogging, and I'm using that as my excuse for not having an excuse (I'm so freaking Meta).

   I wish I could tell you something HUGE happened in my life. Like I had a baby, or was on a Cruise ship when it sank and I single-handedly saved like twelve people and have been too busy shaking hands with the President and pretending to be annoyed by all the publicity to blog about it.
   But the truth is I have just been horrendously busy with normal life things.
    "What? How dare you sacrifice your very successful and financially practical career plan to become a famous blogger for College and a Job!"

                       I know, I'm so irresponsible, I simply cannot prioritize.

   While I refuse so apologize for my absence, my pathological need to be liked and my shame-gland have kicked into high gear and so, to the four followers who actually noticed I was gone and give a crap, I present to you:

Apology Pony

You can tell he's really sorry but his pride won't let him say it.

   So even though this isn't a real blog post, and as my friends will be quick to point out, that's a "recycled" horse from my sketchbook, I'm just letting you all know that I'm totally back, I haven't abandoned the blog, and you can all expect a real post* within the next few days.
                                   *I would promise that it will be totally hilarious but I don't like to set the bar too high for myself.
  If it will help, I can totally finish the story about Vitamin Cottage Lady.... that place is a Goldmine for strange.


  1. But they have the yummy Honey Dijon kettle chips. No, don't try them, you will never stop eating them.
    I actually was thinking this morning how I miss reading your blog.

    1. I have to go there to but Chipins popcorn chips. I am addicted to them and the only places they exist are Vitamin Cottage and Narnia.