Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dangerous Combination of a Final Exam and Over-the-Counter Medication...

Today I managed to make it to class wearing that oh so stylish combination of sweatpants, snow boots, and several layers of t-shirts and hoodies (having misplaced my coat, an appropriate thing to do in the middle of a Colorado winter).
Somehow my brain thought that the only necessary make-up for my sick-white-person-in-the-dead-of-winter complexion was mascara, and a shower would have required getting out of bed 10 min earlier, which wasn’t worth it either.
Since I had only managed to bring a pen and my water bottle(which contains an in-genius mixture of Cough syrup and Emergen-C probably not technically legal on campus) I had to borrow paper from the cute guy sitting next to me, who looked me right in the eye and asked ever so innocently,
 “How’s your day going?”
I can think of a dozen semi-normal responses. But the one that my brain decided most appropriate at that moment was “I’m not wearing any deodorant.”

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