Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi Mom!

Hello everyone! 
 Due to popular demand (the two people I talked to on Facebook) I have started this blog. If it works out it will be fun, but if it fails the rejection will cause me to spiral into a depression-hole so big nothing but astronomical amounts of cash will pull me out. <-----Take this as incentive to become my followers.

 Hopefully this blog will be about many things to which you can all relate. It will be about my work in customer service, which is mostly boring, sometimes horrifying, and every once in a while downright ridiculous.
  It will also be about my experience as a poor college student. And by this I mean awkward moments and odd observations, not the chemical properties of the dust storms on the planet Mars and whatnot.

 It will be full of complaints. About people, about the weather, about current fashion trends, but mostly about annoying things my brain does when I'm just trying to be normal.

               *Note to my mother: Since I know you will most likely stumble upon this blog in the future I will apologize now for anything that might upset you in future posts and to remind you that any threats of homicide/suicide are not to be taken too terribly seriously.

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  1. I just realized that I have commented on all of your posts except this one so I just had to fix that. I think your blog is totally freaking amazing!